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Rock House Bridge

built in 1902 for wagons

to cross from Cole to Moniteau county, Missouri.  Registered 

National Landmark with

the Library of Congress

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The Rock House Leadership Team, Joe Jobe and Mike Marsch, lead a team of strategic partners and associates who collaborate on projects to broaden and strengthen the services and resources Rock House can bring to you. 


Ryan Lamberg

Environmental and Sustainability Consultant

Ryan Lamberg is a nationally recognized leader in sustainability and the environment, and works with Rock House Advisors on a broad range of energy and policy initiatives that impact Rock House clients.  Ryan serves as the executive director for the California Biodiesel Initiative, and is also a consultant to the National Biodiesel Board.  He works with companies and organizations to implement strategy development, policy analysis and community engagement to develop smarter and more sustainable communities.

Learn more about Ryan Lamberg here.

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Adrienne Luther

Graphic Designer

Adrienne Luther is a graphic designer, brand specialist and illustrator located in Austin, TX. She currently serves numerous clients in the Midwest and South, and nationally and internationally through Rock House Advisors. If you like this web site - she designed it.  Learn more about her work here.

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Juan M. Rangel, Jr.

Diversity, Conflict-Resolution Professional

Juan M. Rangel, Jr. is a nationally recognized expert in the area of diversity and conflict-resolution. Mr. Rangel works with Rock House clients who need to overcome challenges facing an increasingly diverse work force.  Rangel worked for 12 years for the National Conference for Community and Justice, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism through education, awareness-building and conflict resolution training.  Before joining as a Director of Donnelly College in 2013 he was the director of Community Engagement for Metropolitan Community College/Institute for Workforce Innovation in Kansas City.  Learn more about Juan M. Rangel, Jr. here.

PHil head shot.jpg

Phil Conserva

Phil Conserva is a television and film producer and director and consultant to the TV, film, and music industries.  He also advises in the tech sector for renewable energy, electric drive robotics, and other forward-thinking companies.  Phil brings his expertise in film production, renewable energy and tech to serve Rock House clients on a broad range of video, graphic and business needs.

Phil’s tenure in Hollywood began 23 years ago on The Simpsons and Chicago Hope.  Phil recently completed his 15th season on the venerable hit series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where he served as a Producer, focusing in post-production, on every episode from the pilot to the 2-hr series finale.  Phil also became an Episodic Director and served as the music industry liaison, often creating exclusive content for both the series and big-name artists such as Linkin Park, John Mayer, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Joe Perry, Van Halen and Black Sabbath.

He is currently focused on developing feature films, scripted and non-scripted series, VR/AR projects and branded content for Boilermaker Entertainment with his partner, Louis Milito. 

Scott Nisula head shot (1).jpg

Scott Nisula

Chemical Engineer

CEO, Oleo-Logic, LLC

Scott Nisula is a Chemical Engineer with more than 28 years of experience in the petroleum and biofuel industries. His history includes Research and Development, Crude Oil Characterization, New Product Development, Regulatory Compliance, Technology Management, and Refinery Management. He is a patent holder and Designed, Constructed, and Operated one of the nations largest Biodiesel Plants, currently owned and operated by World Energy in Natchez, Mississippi. Scott brings broad perspective to the Rock House team in Technology Validation, Plant Economics, Market Dynamics and other arenas associated with Biofuels and Petroleum Operations. In his role with Rock House, he is focused on providing in depth evaluations, recommendations and unique viable solutions that work for the Clients’ business. 

Jeff Debrosse head shot.jpg

Jeff Debrosse

Entrepreneur, Team Builder/Leader & Tech Visionary

Jeff Debrosse is recognized for building startups and highly productive teams that continuously meet and exceed goals and expectations. Serial acquisitions have helped shape his experiences and knowledge regarding vision, execution and liquidity events.   Mr. Debrosse has 25+ years overall experience in emerging technology fields with strong focus on network security, software development, embedded systems and robotics design and development. cybercrime investigations, cybersecurity practical applications, data analysis, product management, product pricing, and market analysis. 

David Bruemmer.jpg

David Bruemmer

CEO and Founder, Adaptive Motion Group

David Bruemmer has provided leadership and vision for many different robotics and automation
projects within energy, construction, military and factory automation. Bruemmer has developed and patented robotic technologies for landmine detection, defeat of improvised explosive devices, urban search and rescue, decontamination, chemical plume tracing and decommissioning of radioactive environments, air and ground teaming reconnaissance systems, facility security and a variety of autonomous mapping solutions. Bruemmer has authored over 60 peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers in the area of intelligent robotics. He is a winner of the R&D 100 Award and the Stoel Reeves Innovation Award. Before co-founding 5D, Bruemmer provided technical, managerial, and programmatic leadership at the Idaho National Lab.   Learn more about David here.

Tom Vansaghi Jewell Photo 2016.jpg

Tom Vansaghi, Ph.D.

Founder, Purpose through Action

Dr. Vansaghi is the founder of Purpose Through Action which helps Rock House clients discover and define their core purpose, articulate it clearly, concisely and in compelling ways.  He has also spent more than a decade guiding others in their quests to achieve their purpose through balanced living and goal setting within their key life roles. Learn more about Dr. Tom Vansaghi here.

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Evanoff Head shot.jpg

Jim Evanoff

Environmental Protection Specialist and Sustainability Director

Jim Evanoff advanced environmental stewardship initiatives within the National Park Service for over 30 years. Currently, Jim provides consulting services to a myriad of public land managers and private industry throughout the country.  With over 400 million national and international visitors enjoying the U.S. national parks each year, Jim has been instrumental in developing unique educational and outreach opportunities.  Jim has also launched sustainability initiatives and provided guidance in Canada, South America, Central America, Galapagos Islands and a variety of academia throughout the country.


Shai Medioni

Co Founder, Managing Partner at Fandango Collection & Recycling LTD Israel.

Shai Medioni has more then 20 years experience in the Environmental practices of food and hospitality industries. As a Managing partner of Fandango and as its business development leader, Shai is most familiar with both sides of the used cooking oil-based biodiesel and hospitality industries. As those industries grow, evolve and mature so do the challenges. Shai’s dynamic and creative problem-solving is what defines his way of thinking and acting. Shai brings to Rock House his enthusiasm of teaching and joy of sharing to make a better world through better business.

Claudio Rocchietta


Claudio Rocchietta is the founder of BFPARTNERS, an independent consulting firm with a diversified, track record in the international agribusiness and bioenergy/biochemicals sectors advising clients in the areas of legislative policy, feedstock origination, technology selection, sustainability certification, market introduction as well as business feasibility and project evaluation.  In 2018 Claudio was appointed as a Director on the Board of Vertex Bioenergy in Spain, following the acquisition of former Abengoa ethanol plants by Trilantic Europe, one of Europe’s leading mid-market private equity firms.  In 2019, Claudio joined as an associate to Rock House Advisors to collaborate on transatlantic projects involving the US and Europe.


Claudio has more than 35 years of international management experience in corn and oil seeds processing, organic and biological nutritional supplements, and bio-based renewable chemicals, fuels, and plastics.
Claudio is known world-wide as one of the original pioneers of the commercialization of biodiesel. He was one of the founders of the European Biodiesel Board (EBB), and its President for several years, acting as the interface to EU Commission. He and other European leaders helped develop the first and largest successful biodiesel market in the world throughout the 1990’s, which served as a roadmap for other national biodiesel development programs throughout the world. Claudio was formerly the CEO of OXEM, one of the largest biodiesel companies in Italy, and he served on the Board of Greenergy Biofuels Ltd, London.   Learn more about Claudio here


Adam Seaman

CEO, Positive Leadership

Adam Seaman is an organizational development consultant and executive coach in practice for the past 20 years. He supports Rock House clients by providing tools for increased happiness, communication, and productivity.  He developed the Talent2Strength application method of the StrengsthsFinder® assessment to consistently provide his clients with powerfully actionable insights. Learn more about Adam Seaman here.

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Seg Niebuhr

President and Founder, Industrial Process and Management Consultants, LLC (IPMC)

Seg Niebuhr is a civil engineer by education and a process engineer by experience.  Mr. Niebuhr’s civil engineering experience includes structural concrete and steel design, site development, wastewater treatment, and environmental remediation processes and systems.  His processing experience began as a facility engineer at a major soybean processing and edible oil refining facility.  Further experience includes propane terminal design and operations, safety systems designer, and biodiesel process design, construction, operation, evaluation, and improvement.  Mr. Niebuhr has been a consultant since 2003 and formed Industrial Process and Management Consultants, LLC - a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company - in 2010.  Mr. Niebuhr’s office is located in Erie, Pennsylvania but he has performed work in the majority of the United States as well as Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Contact information for Mr. Niebuhr is (814) 392-3187

Peter Behrle.jpg

Peter Behrle

Project Development and Operations Consultant


Peter Behrle is a consultant specializing in biomass-based diesel, biogas, and liquid waste. He is based in the NYC metropolitan area. Peter’s consulting services for Rock House Advisors’ clients include project development, capital structuring, project funding, general management, EPA interface, monetization of environmental attributes, feasibility studies, business and strategic planning, offtake sales, feedstock acquisition, general procurement, operations, public relations, and government regulations and relations.

Learn more about Peter Behrle here.

Joe Campbell photo.png

Joe Campell
Founder, Highland Services Group

Joe Campbell has spent 25+ years in the energy, renewables, transportation and logistics industries serving in various leadership and executive roles. Having served in various operational roles for private and ESOP companies, he brings extensive experience to his engagements. Whether that be strategic planning, succession planning, leadership development or organizational design, he can come along side you. If you are evaluating your distribution, and asset utilization for improved scale and improved return on your assets, or in need of business development and product marketing support, he has experience operating 1,000+ unit fleets, and operations across the US and Canada. Having acquired over a dozen companies and lead the integration efforts, he is versed in the process and can aide in your growth or divestiture strategy as well.

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