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Joe Jobe

Joe Jobe is the President and Founder of Rock House Advisors.  Joe is a solutions-oriented leader with over 25 years of senior executive experience.  Joe was named CEO to struggling organization with a rapidly declining membership and funding.  Under his leadership the National Biodiesel Board grew from 14 soy grower members to a highly diverse membership of over 200, and from a staff of four to a world class, multi-disciplinary team of twenty in two offices, managing over one hundred contractors.  Growing an annual budget of less than $500,000 to approximately $16 million annually with net assets of $10 million, including a headquarters building and a robust investment reserve.  The industry grew from 200,000 gallons to over 3 billion gallons representing an $17 billion industry.  


Jobe formed Rock House Advisors in 2016.  With a wide-reaching network of strategic partners, Rock House offers a broad range of services including agricultural, energy, and environmental policy development, communications, public speaking, sustainability, leadership consulting, executive coaching and project management. Rock House clients include biofuels and other energy and agriculture companies, as well as a Fortune 30 energy company.  RHA has provided consulting on the commercialization of start-up technology companies. Jobe also is the co-founder of a start-up autonomous robotic vehicle company, KRALR LLC.

Joe is a recognized leader on energy, agriculture, environment and sustainability.  He has given keynote speeches in eleven countries.  He has appeared on The Today Show, History Channel, C-Span, Fox News, PBS, NPR, Discovery Channel, CNN, Jay Leno's Garage, XM Radio, and others.  He has published articles or been interviewed for articles in TIME, USA Today, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, Washington Post, and many others.


Joe served on the energy task forces of the Governors of Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee.  He has significant public policy advocacy experience and regularly testifies before Congress and state houses.

​Joe led the development and execution of a comprehensive national branding campaign and sustainability program.  These two programs have built biodiesel's brand as America's Advanced Biofuel

Joe was instrumental in developing a comprehensive Quality Management System to address early fuel quality problems in the marketplace.  Now over 85% of biodiesel in the market falls under BQ-9000, and there are virtually no fuel problems related to biodiesel.  Joe used this experience to develop and rapidly deploy RIN integrity measures when RIN fraud occurred.  (RIN is a renewable credit generated under the Renewable Fuel Standard.)​  And Joe has significant business law experience, navigating the association through over a dozen court cases including anti-trust, federal and state rulemaking challenges, and international trade.  Prevailed in all litigation.


Prior to working as the CEO of NBB, Joe served as the Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to that he served as a Criminal Fraud Investigator for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, where he managed and conducted criminal investigations and prosecutions of Medicaid fraud.  He worked with US Attorney’s office and coordinated with federal law enforcement agencies including FBI, US Postal Inspection, IRS Criminal Investigative Division, Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, and others.  Joe holds professional certifications including Certified Association Executive (CAE); Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (inactive).



Specialized Training:  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) – Glynco, Georgia- Fraud and Financial Investigations Training Course, 2/97.  Medicaid Fraud Training Course, Glynco, GA. 6/95.  Interviewing and Interrogation Certification, U.S. Department of Justice, 9/96.  Evidence Technician Certification Course 12/95.


Awards for Joe's work

National Biodiesel Board - Kenlon Johannes Pioneer Award - 2021

American Soybean Association – Lifetime Achievement Award – 2017

United Soybean Board – Excellence in Oil Award 2015

Ranked in the top 25 leaders in Bioenergy, Biofuels Digest 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Missouri Soybean Association – Partnership award 2016

Ohio Soybean Award – Outstanding Service Award 2015

Fedapalma (oil palm growers of Colombia, South America) Partnership award 2015

Atlantic Regional Energy Expo - Energy Award 2013

Golden Bullet Award - Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute 2009

Growmark Petroleum – Research, Development, Promotion, & Marketing Award 2007

National Biodiesel Board – Distinguished Service Award 2007

American Corn Growers Association – Hero of American Agriculture 2006

American Soybean Association – Commitment and support of soybean farmers, 2005

Business Man of the Year for Missouri 2003 - Business Advisory Council

Minnesota Soybean Council - Partnership Award 2003

National Biodiesel Board - Leadership Award 2002

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"Audentes Fortuna Juvat"

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