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Peter Behrle

Peter Behrle’s ongoing and recent consulting assignments include working with several private equity firms on their investments into biomass-based diesel and biogas projects,  with biodiesel producers on their operations in five U.S. states, with a Caribbean project developer on their MSW to cellulosic diesel projects, and with Windsor Advantage, a $1.3B outsourced USDA/SBA lenders’ service platform for 90+ banks, providing loan origination and due diligence on biomass-based diesel and biogas projects. In May 2019 Peter sourced and closed on a portion of the funding for a 110 MMGY renewable diesel project. 

Since 2009 Peter has worked with Gerson Lehrman Group, an on-line, telephonic consulting platform for investment banks and energy developers, providing consultations on renewable diesel, biodiesel, biogas, California LCFS, the US EPA RFS/RIN program, Biodiesel Blenders Tax Credit, etc.

Selected prior work in the sector includes:


  • “Unnamed $2B Public US Company” – in 2018 assisted in the evaluation of the potential reopening of a 50 MMGY mothballed biodiesel plant in Texas.

  • Publisher (2009-17) of a widely read biomass-based diesel newsletter covering profitability, feedstocks, operations, production, RINs, LCFS and other statutory incentives and regulations

  • COO, EPA Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO), and Member of Advisory Board for a 25 MMGY NY harbor-based biodiesel producer.


Peter holds a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

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