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Ryan Lamberg

Energy, Environmental, and Sustainability Expert

Ryan Lamberg manages environmental communications as a consultant for the National Biodiesel Board. He also consults at Nutter Consulting, a firm that implements strategy development, policy analysis and community engagement to develop smarter and more sustainable communities.


Ryan serves as Executive Director of the California Biodiesel Initiative. He leads the National Biodiesel Board’s Pacific Coast effort to promote biodiesel’s environmental benefits, and boost production and consumption of biodiesel across California, Oregon, and Washington.  Lamberg co-founded and served as Communications Director for Community Fuels, now one of California’s largest biodiesel production facilities- a 25 million gallon per year facility at the Port of Stockton.  While at Community Fuels, he helped found the California Biodiesel Alliance, a regional network to help biodiesel producers advance their legislative and political goals. 


Ryan trained over 1000 contractors and managed a statewide team of energy auditors under California’s Energy Upgrade California program. He also launched the first U.S. branch of Energy, Canada’s largest residential energy efficiency company.


Lamberg served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, where he worked with farmer families and farming cooperatives on fair trade. After living in California for 20 years, Lamberg recently relocated to New York with his family.  Lamberg holds a BA in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis and a MBA from the University of California at Davis Graduate School of Management.

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